Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gilsey House: New Project

We've just begun a new project at Gilsey House, the spectacular pile that dominates the corner of Broadway and West 29th Street (across the street from the Ace Hotel, and conveniently, our office). Gilsey House was built as a hotel in 1869, converted to commercial lofts in the 1930's and finally to a residential co-op in the late 1970's.

We're working on the sixth floor, turning a *very* rough space into a home for a family of four. The space has four windows facing 29th Street, and four more along the lot line to the east. Besides an abundance of light, the ceilings are nice and high at about 11 feet. Otherwise it's a mess - just the kind of challenge we love to take on!

Gilsey House from our office window
The project is located on the 6th floor on the 29th Street side
Living Room, the three windows on the right face 29th Street.
Living Room to the Kitchen, showing east windows
From the Kitchen to the Living Room
From the Living Room, looking west
Compare this little room's plain window to its exterior manifestation...
That's the same window on the exterior
This is the Master Bedroom, where the window surround remains from 1869

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