Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gilsey House: Adventures in Existing Conditions

As soon as the owners closed on the property, we set about poking and prodding inside the walls of the apartment, looking for pipe chases and other possible impediments as well as hidden opportunities, such as additional ceiling height.

This can be messy...

Pulling back the 1930's tin ceiling revealed the original plaster and lath.
I pulled down the paneling at one of the windows and was covered in black soot
The soot is likely from loose joints in the boiler chimney in the bump-out in the corner of the Living Room
The few extant baseboards are likely original to the building...  
You can see that they're made of multiple pieces of milled stock and molding profiles
The wood strip flooring was laid on top of an older floor and a subfloor
(with empty space between the joists to the ceiling beneath)

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